...but why 'FIVE before FIVE'? well,, it is just the same as 'lima sebelum lima', a nasheed song, sang by Raihan. Be clear ya ;)

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Alhamdulillah,all praise to Allah.. may He bless us forever. Yes, I LOVE.....yellow! i wish to hve all the yellow things around me. Yellow able to enhance my spirit whenever it is 'at par'. Then, i feel that i'm special since there are only few people who like yellow. :) alhamdulillah i'm lucky to be in yellow house during my school life, started from SKP8(1), up to my secondary school. luckily there's no such system in uni life hehe. i don't know why but i feel happy to see yellow things (oh again?). its up to u to choose your own favourite colour(s) but for me, its yellow!
*ehem, so don't forget to leave yellow things for me (or should I say, as a present? ^.^)
*lets share our favourite colour(s)!

                                                            just a few :)

Aiwah, till then,,
c ya in the next post!
feel free to add comments  :)


nawwar_hanifah said...

farah...xteringin ke nk join 9 hb nnt?
thnax 4 following~ =)

fAraH_K said...

insya-Allah ak join.....HARI SUKAN SKOLA LAME ak...:D
kuning jugak apeeeeee... :))

'Amirah said...

Black. Hehehe^^

*Yeayyyy! jumpe blog farah ;P

nawwar_hanifah said...

hak2...beklah..slmt berjaye~
oh,nk share juge.aku gilekan wrne hitam.

sbb tiba2 terperasan bnyk harta aku wrne hitam. =)