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Sunday, 3 July 2011

When It Comes to Da'wah

Assalamualaikum,keif haaluk?
Alhamdulillah, we are able to breathe until today, or specifically, until this second.
 When it comes to da'wah.. i don't think I'm the right person to talk about it. and yes, we, as Muslims and mukmins, we have to do da'wah, at least to our own selves. yes, its hard to spread the truth nowadays. even people tend to seek our faults instead of appreciating the effort. Therefore, we have to be excellent in all aspects, including physical, spiritual, emotion and the inside. however, we just can't judge people by their appearance only. The hijabs now are only based on fashion (na'uzubillah min zaalik) not to follow the rules. in Islam, women ought to cover their aurat, except their faces and
Besides, as good muslimah, we have to show and practice the best way of life,.which the basic thing is to cover our aurat whenever we are going outside, or even there's ajnabi(they, people who can be married with us) in our houses. It's not easy but not to0 difficult though, as Islam is the best way of life.

 In addition, we cannot be prejudice to others, as we have to be as tight as chemical bonds in the molecule of water to succeed.
Good friends are who willing to work together as a team to achieve mardhatillah..they will be friend till Jannah insya-Allah...

So, feel free to be advised by others, and also to advice them. Indeed, muslims are all related to each other. the indulgence and to apologise others are some of good values in a good muslim. Wallahu'alam...~
*this post is mainly for the writer. please do not 'take heart' and the author feel sorry if anything wrong regarding to this.
Fi amanillah, ilalliqa'...
comments are welcomed ;)

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Anonymous said...

" the indulgence and to apologise others are some of good values in a good muslim."
yup..i totally agree with this statement..it useless having fight with others..