...but why 'FIVE before FIVE'? well,, it is just the same as 'lima sebelum lima', a nasheed song, sang by Raihan. Be clear ya ;)

Friday, 1 July 2011

All Praises to Him...

Still awake at this time, 0140 on the 1st of July 2011..
wanted to say salam alaik to all bloggers. I'm new here, and yes, please have a look, and feel free to leave your comment ya!
Ahha! let me begin the first post with my greatest, latest memories, in the Tamhidi Programme of USIM, 2010/2011 session. Specially to my beloved D2 tutorial group.
Huda, Farah Husna, Farah Alia, 'Izzati
Zahidah, Athirah, Nabilah, Adawiyah
Faris, Faiq, Afiq Fathi, Amir Amirul
Amirah, Sabira, Farah K, Afiq Mazlan
'Afifah, Liyana, Munirah, Hizmiyah
*these pics are able to make me recall our sweet memories,, (':
till then, c ya in the next post :)

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