...but why 'FIVE before FIVE'? well,, it is just the same as 'lima sebelum lima', a nasheed song, sang by Raihan. Be clear ya ;)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

An update via mobile

Am excited! Hee. 3 papers more n will be busier with other tasks. Hope to be better in the second sem of the second year, or the third year being in USIM. Hve been taught to be a 'Muslimah ideal' during the last month's Hawa convention 2012.

Pic : during one of the slots in HC.
Ahha also had participated in IFSC '12 in pandan indah. Sis Yo Akmal won! Double excited. Fst ya!

P/s = sc subjects arent that easy, adik-adik. Working hard to understand terms used for thermodynamics, intro to material sc, n electric n magnetism. Rabbi yassir wa la tu3assir.
P/s = AY semoga berjaya jadi ketua.
P/s = just do it, shoot!

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