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Tuesday, 6 December 2011


the tamhidi results had just been released few days ago. it reminded me of my previous precious memories, being a tamhidian of USIM, SIMPLY INSPIRING insya-Allah. as usual, me myself eagerly asked the juniors about their results. alhamdulillah they are positive, even some of the results are not satisfying enough.

''one of my juniors said that this is the chance from Him for her to pursue her study in medical field. i really confident of you,sis! then the other junior said that she may have some sort of low self-esteem while being together with her friends, but she will try to be strong enough to encounter the 'intra-problem' with her own self. i will pray for your success,dear. another person, who got quite high for this sem said that was not so high as he aimed for dentistry. again, as ur so-called sister, i'm pretty sure you will be able to go there for your degree since your past examination results were excellent.''

dear me,
you have your juniors' reaction of their results, right? then why not if you take the 'ibrah' from it? i will very sure you can do it for your upcoming examination. DO REMEMBER THAT IT IS 'JUST AROUND YOUR NECK' which means it will able to choke yourself if you don't do it wisely. so start now or you will not be able to start it later, naudzubillah min zalik.~

3.57, 3.32, 3.17, 3.7+, 2.58, 3.11, 3.54,3.53..theirs.

> 3.35 
its hard, but u can if you want!

*thats all for now, ilalliqa'.
*i missed the moments with TD2 2010/2011. <3 u guys.


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nawwar_hanifah said...

suka dgn notakaki di bwh itu=)

tamhidians!! congrats =D