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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Very First Week of The Advanced Life As a Degree Student.

its tiring!yes it is -.-

Assalamualaikum, friends. wished u r all in happy mood.
well, I've started my degree session on the last 7th September 2011, in USIM,Nilai. Insya-Allah i'll further my study in Applied Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Usim Nilai. Being a degree student is not as easy as i thought.Even the first day showed me the true life...

And now, after almost two weeks, i continue writing my post -.- i'm just to0 lazy to do anything, and I'm currently in the USIM's library, the wonderful library if i can say that. as to mention again,. its tiring for waiting the lecturers to come in to the class and start teaching. the lecturer for Arabic language haven't come yet. fortunately, our English 1's ms syuhada' have started her teaching since last week. we got to do the mini project(acting) and have to submit the plot or story line within week 4; 2 weeks more. I'm now still in the process of assimilating myself into the degree life. from a house in nilam court to a room in KK1, sounds so simple isn't it? but not for me. don't 
know why. and i wish that i will be able to suit myself there for at least 2 semesters.

why Applied Physics?

It is because my passion is into investigating things, and my ambition is to be an engineer. but i do really hope that my study will not be as worse as the previous. so i just have to concentrate to study and enjoy degree life, as told by seniors. ^^

enjoying and allowing myself into imagining subjects may be difficult, especially for typical female students (no offense as me myself is also a female student) but insya-Allah i'll try my best to overcome it and will be able to hold a Ph.D and become an Ir (long way to go).

i think that's all for now, in USIM's library. will be updated so0n, insya-Allah.

take care, wish me luck!

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slm..kak,,yeah!!may Allah bless you..hee~~