...but why 'FIVE before FIVE'? well,, it is just the same as 'lima sebelum lima', a nasheed song, sang by Raihan. Be clear ya ;)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

go TOPAZ go go TOPAZ go! ;)

assalamualaikum, friends.
its nearly a week since the last post..(u know what i mean, right?) :D
yeay TOPAZ!!
TOPAZ=YELLOW in integomb aka my beloved sport house! well done guys!
i love topaz so much! its because the teachers are so sporting and very understanding, yes until now! and recently, topaz has been announced as the winner for the sport in 2011. i felt very happy even i'm not in the school anymore. nvm, the topaz spirit will always be in my heart, since i love yellow :)
so juniors, keep it up ya! for the other years! u will win!
                 Go topaz go go topaz go!
                 Go topaz go go topaz go!
                             GO TOPAZ!!

when the yellow, when the yellow, when the yellow goes marching in.. when yellow goes marching in, we can surely conquer it all...! GO TOPAZ!

omminna minna yeay yeay yeay
omminna o0 o0o
lu sama lu
wa sama wa
lu sama lu jangan cemburu sama gua ;)

*some of topaz cheers*

thats all for now. c ya!
salam alaik.


Anonymous said...

i can see the spirit....

fAraH_K said...

well sis, its me.
eager in doing something hee~