...but why 'FIVE before FIVE'? well,, it is just the same as 'lima sebelum lima', a nasheed song, sang by Raihan. Be clear ya ;)

Friday, 5 December 2014

... after a long time ...

dear you,
i can't promise to be with you all the time,
but am sure that Allah will always be with you.
i can't say it confidently that you'll be fine every second,
but i'll ask Allah to keep you calm forever.
i can't also say that your journey will be smooth all the time,
but i know Allah will ease your way everyday.
dear you,
do remember whenever, wherever, and whoever you are,
Allah is there, just beside you.
ask Him. pray to Him. remember Him. do what He wants, avoid things that will make He angry with us.
dear you,
yes, life is a test. and Allah will always have the solutions to your tests.
trust Him. because Allah is Ahad.
stay strong my dearies. we will pass these tests successfully insha-Allah.
and we will be together forever, at least in each other's du'aa.
(i  you). (we  us)

"wasta3iinu bissobri wassolah ..." (al-baqarah:45 and 153)

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