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Friday, 8 June 2012

its GOALS!

''Does modern technology make life more convenient, or was life better when technology was simpler?''
 Salam alaik, miss and friends. as for me, modern technology do help us a lot in making life easier, yet cannot be trusted to be leaned of too often. sometimes we ought to do something by ourselves, without the help from others. day by day, people 'upgrade' their life by having smartphones such as iPhone, iPad, blackberry, and so on and so forth. but we have to be sure that our happy life would not be affected too much by those gadgets. or else, we will be too lazy and be a 'fat' human. all in all, i do agree by the statement that the modern technology make our life convenient and easier compared to our parents and upwards. do think the pros and cons of a particular thing before do it. thank you.

Advertisements; are they informative or manipulative?
salam alaik. 
In my opinion, it depends on our thought on it. it may be informative, manipulative, and/or both. what is important is the way the advertisements give impact on us. sometimes we will like the advertised things, and sometimes not. besides, the advertisements are also manipulative as they might 'ask' people to buy the product, by the way they promote and 'talk' about it. for example, ads plus testimonials may give more significant effect compared to the ones that are not attractive enough. then, what most important is the buyer. do he/she be influenced by the advertisement or just to read it as extra knowledge.
All in all, advertisement is vital to promote things, and it may be informative and manipulative in the same time. -my opinion- thank you. 

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