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Thursday, 29 December 2011

.the dialogue.

In a peaceful morning, I am in front of the laptop, searching for articles for my work, while online the Facebook and chatting with my beloved friend, Susianti.
Susianti: Assalam Farah, how do you do? I know you are in the pink of health, isn’t it?
Farah: Alhamdulillah, I am fine.  Thank you. How about you? What are you doing now?
Susianti: I am fine too, Alhamdulillah. I just finish stalking my friends’ walls, including your husband’s. Seems he has new best friend. What if you go to his and see it with your naked eyes.
Farah: WHAT? You are always make fool of me my dear… please don’t do that for this serious matter. It will only ruin our relationship, you know?
Susianti: Hello dear, I know I am always kidding you. But for this, I think I am not so childish to give this false fact to you. Here is the link. Go and try to look at it.
Farah: its okay then. I will. But remember, if the thing is not true, I will find you even if I have to swim across the Mediterranean straits!
Susianti: haha, you are always like this my little sister…
Then, I stalk his wall eagerly. And look what I found.

 Dora: hello gorgeous man. how do you do? i know you miss me. don't worry, i miss you too.
Mr xxxxxxx: heyya beautiful lady. i am fine thank you. how about you? how come you know i miss you? and i know tat you miss me too.
*and the rest is history...

Farah: SUSIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! Thank you for the info. Now I know why he is always coming home nearly midnight, and will go to the office early in the morning, without having prayer first. He said that he will pray at the office together with your husband, Samad. But, he cheated me…
Susianti: HAH? Pray with my husband? Helloooo, he will never wake up if the clock not showing 6.30. Even his hand phone’s alarm will give up doing its job to wake him up. Therefore it is not logic if your husband having Fajr prayer with him, plus in the office. huhhhh…
Farah: How come I know about your husband’s routine. He’s yours, not mine…-.-
Susianti: erk? Its okay darling, go and have a slow talk with him. With His help, everything will be crystal clear.
Farah: come again. Slow talk with him? S.L.O.W T.A.L.K? No. I will never do that. After what he has done to me, I don’t think am that kind to give him another chance.
Susianti: it’s up to you then. Just call me if you want any help, deal?
Farah: Deal. Thank you so much, friend.
The days after I heard the news are as smooth as a flowing river. He is a very good actor and he acts wisely. I myself cannot stand the situation as sometimes, I will get angry easily. I just want to see when will he tells me the biggest secret, but I am pretty sure that his ‘new best friend’ has told and taught him the best way to keep the secret till the end of our life.
One day, I receive a mysterious call from an anonymous. I am excited as I think that is a call from my beloved brother who currently studying in England.
Me: Hello, is it you, my funny-bunny Farid?
The man: Hello. This is not him. I am a special man from Mars. Please cooperate with me if you want to settle this thing faster.
Me: err, before that, May I ask where you from are? The line seems not very clear just now.
The man: I am a special man from Mars, get it? Don’t ask further, just let me know where is your husband now?
Me: okay, you are the special man from Mars. How lucky am I to be able to talk with a person from the other planet.
The man: Don’t make me angry, beautiful lady. Answer my question!
Me: okay, okay. Err of course he is in his office in Mont Kiara. May I ask why?
The man: I want to kill him as soon as possible.
Me: but why, mysterious guy? Has he done anything wrong?
The man: he took my fiancé and we break up because of that fat ugly man!
Me: oh. I am sorry. I myself cannot stand with him anymore. Are you sure you are going to kill him? Don’t you want to give him some more time so that he can realise his fault and give back your fiancé?
The man: NO, NO AT ALL! I am very disappointed with her and the nonsense man.
Me: then, how about Dora? Don’t you feel pity of her if her boyfriend aka my husband dies?
The man: I don’t care about that. All I want is to make sure he dies in front of me, as soon as possible, without further delay!
Me: okay. Let’s start the mission now. We have to make it proper and smooth to avoid any suspiciousness of them towards us.
The man: hmm for me, it will be smooth if you can arrange your outstation programme within this month, so that I can go into your house and kill him.
Me: OH NO! You cannot just simply do that. I bought the house with my own money. Plus the house will haunt me after you kill him. What if you kill him in a bush? I will tell him that my car is breakdown near a bush located at my neighbourhood area. Then, you wait there. As soon as he arrived there, you can kill him without letting anyone know the incident.
The man: your idea seems to be better than mine. Now I am confused if he is really your husband or not.
Me: He was my husband once. But now, after all the things he has done to me, I am afraid to live with him anymore and I am also afraid that he will harm my whole family.
The man: oh I see. Then are you willing to help me to kill him?
Me: as long as it is not harming us, it is okay. So just let me know the further plan after this.
The man: okay I will let you know then.
    The next morning, I call Susianti to inform her about my plan with the mysterious guy. Firstly, she quite shock and surprise with it. After some time, she said that I am matured enough to think what best for us, so I am sure that she supports me even her face expression is not encouraging me.
   After two days, the mysterious man calls me again. He asks about my outstation date. Then after I said I will not be around starting tomorrow, he gets excited. It confusing me as he seems very happy to ruin his fiancé’s life while killing a person with no guilty.
The man: you know; I will be at the place you told me as early as 10 o’clock in the morning even if he will only come at 2pm.
Me: okay mister, you are very sure about this. We will see if you can succeed your mission excellently tomorrow.
The man: see you in heaven haha.

     On the next morning, as soon as I leave the house, I ask the man to wait at the bushes nearby. Then, when I am on the Federal Highway, I call my husband to pick me up as I tell him that my car is breakdown at the bushes.
      After some time, I receive a call from a hospital and I deny the fact that I am his wife. Maybe I have to be in other country until the case closes. About the mysterious guy, I heard that he is now in a jail and will be there for several years or maybe will be killed by Malaysia rules and regulations since he did not have any opportunity to escape from his wrongdoing.

*****************************THE END*********************************

-> I am sorry if the story is quite illogical :-)
-> sorry for the late posting. Hope that miss Syuhada’ will consider my post.
->the moral from this, partners have to slow talk first before arguing something because the rumours might not be true especially if it comes from social networking websites.
------->That is all from me. Do the best for the final exam. Hope to see you soon in the 2nd semester.

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